by Wolvencrown

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Partly recorded at Stuck on a name Studios by Ian Boult. Mixed by Ian Boult at Stuck on a name and mastered by Samuel Turbitt at Ritual sound


released January 7, 2017



all rights reserved


Wolvencrown Nottingham, UK

Melodic / Atmospheric Black Metal from Nottingham, UK.

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Track Name: Beneath The Frozen Moon
Hear our callling almighty gods
Girant us strength and will to fight
Against invaders wielding cross
Let our swords taste their blood

Oh pagan forest most precious land
We will defend you with our lives
Hear our ancient battlecry
For honor, tradition, tribe and fatherland

The band of warriors set off in the night
To attack the camp of Christian dogs
In revenge for sacred oaks being cut
We will dismember them one by one

There is no place for false Christian god
The weakness nailed to the cross

My dumni słowiańscy wojowie przysięgamy na potężnego Peruna i na wszystko widzącego Svantevitha, że wyrżniemy w pień niegodne chrześcijańskie ścierwo, które ośmieliło się wejść w nasze święte gaje! Przysięgamy, że strącimy w otchłań wszystkich spod znaku krzyża

The clash of weapons and screams of the fallen
Breaks the silence of winter night
The horror in the eyes of the invaders
As they are massacred beneath the frozen moon.
Track Name: The Wild Hunt
Omen of war
Cavalcade of wraiths crossing the night sky
Like falling stars they shine, though their armor is covered with rust
Countless fallen warriors, riding the armoured beast
Led by the dreadful king
Here comes the wild hunt

They bring you fear, sorrow and terror
Harbingers of conflicts and terrifying times
Behold the darkest of all nights
Heres cometh the king leading the wild hunt

They're heading south, and every village they pass
They abduct young men to strengthen to strengthen their army
There were only few to escape their grasp
But they've lost their senses
And were cast in different times.
Track Name: Forest of Bleak
The ancient spirits of trees
Gather in the ancient grove
To remember their long forgotten past
There's no clear path in wild vegetation
No mortal has passed the sacred ground

Oh mother earth, Oh sun goddess
Blessed be rain, thine precious tears
Blessed thine voice, which woken up long dormant beast
Forgotten in the ocean of time

Oh mother earth, Oh sun goddess
Thy art eternal wisdom
Fierce and untamed, force of nature
Grant us thine pure guiding light

The ancient spirits of trees
Abandoned in the ancient grove
In anxious silence
Whispering amongst the trees
Ignoring screams from roots long forgotten

Anguish caused by human hand
Of settlers under sign of cross
Spirits of the trees
Whispered their final breath.
Track Name: Seeds of Vengeance
Mutilated bodies lay upon the battlefield
Rotting corpses, severed limbs on scorched ground
Their empty eyes are gazing on the sunset with reproach
As the sky is getting darker and the wind carries sound of dark wings

Uneasy souls of fallen gather around their remains
Which become feast for the ravens
Their blood soaks in the ground, flesh fertilize the earth
Seeds of vengeance have been sown

They will rise strong and tall, they'll touch the sky
In their hate they will tear the heavens down
For the dead crave for vengeance, an agonizing death
Pierce with the spear, dismember by sword, cut half with an axe
For the dead crave for vengeance, an agonizing death
Gather around their enemies and drown them in their blood

For the souls of dead crave for vengeance
An agonizing sudden death
Rejoice in their suffering, make them wander without their goal
For evermore.